Instant gratification fuels a large portion of behavior of people online, be it in B2B or B2C. People want to get an instant reward once they perform an action.

In part, this happens because the Internet makes it so easy to deliver and access content. A person gets hungry, pulls out a smartphone and can find a great restaurant within walking distance. There is no need to plan or do research. In metropolitan cities all over the world, customers of Uber and Lyft can get a ride in just a few minutes by simply pressing a button.

No matter what industry or business you are in, this is the environment where you are competing.

How can you stand out from the competition that sends something to their customers right away? You can’t compete on speed because the speed is already close to instant. The area where you can compete is what your customers or prospects get as a reward and that’s where e-Gift come in.

One of the biggest benefits of e-Gift is that you can use them with your online campaigns and provide your customers with instant gratification, yet the experience of your customers doesn’t stop there. After receiving an e-Gift, your customers will go shopping and buy something they want. In their minds, they will link you to the process of choosing a gift, which is something most people really enjoy.

In a B2B environment, you can use e-Gift in many ways. You can use them as holiday gifts that come with no strings attached as a thank you for being a customer. You can also use them to reward prospects and customers for taking some action, be it requesting a demo or participating in a survey. With Christmas just around the corner, let your customers, partners, and business alliances know how much their loyalty means. Give them the recognition they deserve in a timely manner through automated personal e-Gift. When it comes to business, timing is everything.

Think about the areas of your business and marketing campaigns where you would like to boost response. Then, use e-Gift to provide your customers with instant gratification and positive feelings.

How appyReward can help you to manage your e-gift campaigns?

Sending an e-gift eliminates the need for physical gift that can get lost in the mail. You have the assurance of knowing that your e-gift will always reach its intended destination, thereby automating your entire campaign. Using email or landing page to distribute gift is not only cost and time efficient, it maintains precise and current records, enabling automation of e-gifts to coincide with special dates and events. You are completely in control. Follow-up time has never been more precise by being able to track your gift as well. For maximum benefits, integrate appyReward e-Gift with your marketing systems, and your B2B target campaign clients will always be within your reach. Always the perfect corporate gift.

appyReward comes fully integrated with Oracle Eloqua. If you are an Oracle Eloqua customer, navigate to the appyReward listing in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to install the application.