Automate Your Rewards: 3 Powerful Ways with appyReward

No matter your role, whether you’re managing human resources in a large organization, overseeing a research program in the academic field, or working for a marketing agency focused on incentivizing sign-ups, providing instant rewards to your clients and participants is crucial. Your user base has high expectations for the rewards they’ve been promised, and it’s important to deliver them without unnecessary delays.

Luckily, appyReward offers a variety of automation options to ensure seamless reward fulfillment. By utilizing our innovative reward software, you can take advantage of three primary methods to automate your rewards program. Continue reading to discover the 3 key ways you can automate rewards with appyReward, and take the first step towards success by creating an account today.

  1. Zapier Integration: Simplify and Streamline Reward Automation

If you’re seeking a straightforward way to automate your rewards program without requiring extensive technical knowledge, appyReward has you covered. Our seamless integration with Zapier empowers you to effortlessly connect appyReward with your current suite of apps and products. By leveraging this user-friendly Zapier integration, you can easily automate the fulfillment of gift cards when users complete specific actions or tasks.

With appyReward’s Zapier integration, you unlock the ability to provide time-sensitive and immediate rewards within your favorite apps and programs. Take a look at some examples of how you can automate digital rewarding using our integration:

  • Seamlessly Integrate with your CRM
    Incorporate appyReward into your CRM system to trigger rewards when your employees accomplish designated tasks or excel in incentive programs.
  • Automate Rewards from Survey Apps
    Effortlessly link gift cards to users who successfully complete surveys on popular apps like SurveyMonkey or Typeform.
  • Reward Employees through Slack
    Send gift card codes to your employees via Slack, ensuring swift and convenient delivery of their well-deserved rewards.
  • Instantly Reward Website Reviews
    Provide instant prize fulfillment to users who write reviews of your website using platforms such as Google Sheets, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

The best part? You don’t need any coding skills or technical expertise to seamlessly integrate appyReward into your systems using Zapier. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process ensure a smooth experience for all users, regardless of their technical proficiency. Let appyReward simplify and streamline your rewards program while you focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your valued users.

  1. Fully Integrated Apps: Enhance Rewards with Popular Platforms

appyReward seamlessly integrates with popular survey and form platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Jotform, and Google Forms, offering a comprehensive rewards experience for your participants. By connecting appyReward with these platforms, you can easily reward participants who complete surveys or submit forms.

Once a respondent finishes a survey or form, appyReward enables you to automatically provide them with a link to access their rewards or enter sweepstakes. This streamlined process ensures a seamless and rewarding experience, keeping participants engaged and motivated to participate in your surveys or forms.

With appyReward, you can effortlessly automate the delivery of rewards, whether it’s providing access to exclusive content, offering gift cards, swag items, or valuable gifts. The integration eliminates the need for manual reward distribution and empowers you to focus on engaging your audience and collecting valuable insights.

  1. The Universal Reward Link: Flexibility in Reward Delivery

If you prefer not to use appyReward’s integrated apps, we have an alternative solution called the “Universal Reward Link.” This feature generates a unique short link that can be used to deliver gift cards in a variety of scenarios, offering flexibility to your loyalty rewards program.

The Universal Reward Link brings a multitude of benefits when it comes to delivering gift cards. You can easily share the link in different channels and platforms, including:

  • Text Messages: Send the Universal Reward Link via text message to provide a convenient way for recipients to access their gift cards.
  • Social Media Platforms:
    • Facebook: Share the link on Facebook to directly distribute gift cards to your audience.
    • Twitter: Tweet the link, allowing your followers to effortlessly access their rewards.
    • Instagram: Utilize the link in your Instagram bio or include it in your posts to make gift cards easily accessible.
    • LinkedIn: Share the link on LinkedIn to reward your professional connections.
  • Online Communities: Whether you have an online forum or community platform, you can share the Universal Reward Link within these communities, ensuring participants can easily access their gift cards.

By utilizing the Universal Reward Link, you can effectively distribute gift cards across multiple platforms and channels. Its versatility provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for participants, enhancing the effectiveness of your rewards program.

Empower your rewards program with appyReward today and unlock the power of automation to deliver instant rewards to your valued participants. With our integrated apps, Zapier integration, and the Universal Reward Link, appyReward offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your rewards process and elevate participant satisfaction.