The Power of Incentives: Rewarding SurveyMonkey Respondents for Maximum Engagement

In the world of survey research, capturing the attention and participation of respondents can be a challenge. Fortunately, SurveyMonkey offers a robust platform that simplifies the survey process. To take it a step further and maximize engagement, it’s essential to understand the power of incentives. In this article, we will explore the benefits of incentivizing SurveyMonkey respondents and how you can effectively reward participants to enhance response rates, improve data quality, and boost overall engagement.

1)   Why Incentivize SurveyMonkey Respondents?

Low response rates and survey fatigue are common hurdles faced by researchers. Incentives offer a solution to these challenges by providing a motivating factor for respondents to invest their time and effort in completing surveys. By offering rewards, you create a mutually beneficial exchange that encourages greater participation and generates higher-quality data.

2)   Benefits of Rewarding Survey Participants

The Benefits of Rewarding Survey Participants on SurveyMonkey brings forth a range of benefits that significantly impact the success of your research endeavors. First and foremost, incentives increase response rates. Respondents are more likely to take the survey when they perceive value in doing so. Additionally, rewarding participants enhances data quality. When individuals feel appreciated for their input, they are more inclined to provide thoughtful and accurate responses. Finally, incentives contribute to improved participant motivation, creating a positive and engaging survey experience.

3)   Implementing Incentives on SurveyMonkey

There are various methods to incentivize survey takers on the SurveyMonkey platform. Monetary incentives have proven to be effective in motivating respondents. By offering financial rewards or compensation, you provide tangible value that captures their attention. Gift cards and discounts are equally enticing non-monetary options that appeal to a wide range of participants. Exclusive content, such as access to premium resources or exclusive insights, can also serve as powerful incentives. Additionally, prize draws and giveaways generate excitement and encourage participation.

4)   Best Practices for Rewarding SurveyMonkey Participants

It’s crucial to implement best practices when rewarding survey completion. Determine the right reward amount by considering the effort required and the target audience’s preferences. Transparent communication is key – clearly communicate the incentives at the beginning of the survey and provide instructions on how participants will receive their rewards. Timely delivery of rewards is essential to maintain participant engagement and satisfaction.

To learn how to create a rewarding campaign step by step using appyReward with SurveyMonkey, check out our comprehensive video guide: Maximize Engagement with Rewards: Step-by-Step Guide

5)   Real-life success stories : Lizeo group, a perfect global user case!

For Lizeo Group, a global company specializing in information technologies that add value to Big Data for the automotive industry, conducting online surveys through SurveyMonkey is a natural choice. The platform’s ease of setup and efficient synchronization of responses from different countries make it an ideal solution. Recently, Lizeo Group launched a global survey for a multinational tire manufacturer, aiming to measure the satisfaction levels of B2B customers located across various countries and continents.

Florence Paladino, Market Research Manager at Lizeo Group, highlighted the benefits of using SurveyMonkey for their survey endeavors. She explained,

Using a single survey template for Europe in many languages (FR, UK, DE, IT) helps us to quickly personalize the questionnaire. Additionally, SurveyMonkey offers powerful collector options to customize the survey-taking experience for each country and share it via social media for better deployment. It is also possible to use quota to filter and qualify the audience. Regarding the backend, the preview is very well accomplished for pre-launch tests. The scoring system is a real added value for evaluating survey performance, with results that can be monitored in a real time.”

In order to boost the response rate to an acceptable level for thorough result analysis, Lizeo Group decided to incorporate incentives into their surveys. Florence shared their experience, stating,

“We’ve seen that SurveyMonkey offers an app through its menu of integrators, appyReward, that allows you to implement rewards-based programs on your surveys.  Setting up the app is very simple, and rewards campaigns are easy to create and link to your existing surveys. The system is well secured to control and limit redemption to single email or IP address. You can also create fully automated and unbiased sweepstakes. In fact, everything is automated and it saves you all the tedious work and waste of time…”

By leveraging SurveyMonkey’s comprehensive features and integrating rewards-based programs through appyReward, Lizeo Group has successfully conducted global surveys with ease and achieved high response rates. The combination of personalized surveys, powerful collector options, real-time monitoring, and automated rewards has allowed them to gather valuable insights efficiently and make data-driven decisions for their clients.

The Lizeo Group’s experience exemplifies the advantages of using SurveyMonkey for global surveys, showcasing how the platform’s capabilities, including customizable surveys, sophisticated collector options, and seamless integration of incentives, contribute to successful research outcomes.


Incentivizing and rewarding SurveyMonkey respondents is a powerful strategy to drive engagement, improve response rates, and enhance data quality. The ability to effectively incentivize participants sets your survey apart, capturing the attention and commitment of respondents. SurveyMonkey provides a robust platform, and by integrating well-designed incentives, you can unlock the full potential of your surveys. Take advantage of this opportunity, and start reaping the benefits of rewarding SurveyMonkey respondents today.

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