Playing to Win: Survey Rewards vs. Survey Incentives with appyReward

When designing survey participation strategies, it’s crucial to understand the nuances between survey rewards and survey incentives. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they serve distinct purposes and can significantly impact the effectiveness of your survey campaigns.

Let’s delve into the differences and how to effectively use both strategies to maximize respondent engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, we will explore how appyReward can streamline these processes with its various campaign types.

Survey Rewards

Survey rewards are tangible benefits given as a form of compensation or thank you for completing a survey.

These rewards are seen as guaranteed benefits, providing a direct and immediate payoff for participation.


  • Gift cards
  • Discounts
  • Points that can be redeemed for merchandise

Key Aspects:

  • Guarantee: Rewards are typically guaranteed upon survey completion.
  • Purpose: The primary goal is compensation and appreciation.
  • Expectation: Participants expect to receive a reward if promised.

Usage Example:
“Complete this survey and receive a $10 gift card.”

Survey rewards can be highly effective in ensuring respondents feel valued and appreciated, which can foster loyalty and increase the likelihood of future participation.

Survey Incentives

Survey incentives are offered to encourage people to take the survey, often creating a sense of excitement or anticipation.

Incentives may not always be guaranteed and are often used to motivate initial participation by offering a chance to receive a larger benefit.


  • Entry into a prize draw
  • A chance to win a large prize
  • Access to exclusive content

Key Aspects:

  • Guarantee: Incentives might be conditional, meaning only a few participants may win a prize.
  • Purpose: The primary goal is to motivate participation and increase response rates.
  • Expectation: Participants hope to receive an incentive but understand it may not be guaranteed.

Usage Example:
“Complete this survey for a chance to win a $100 gift card.”

Survey incentives can generate excitement and urgency, encouraging more people to participate in the survey. This strategy can be particularly effective for reaching new respondents or when launching a new survey initiative.

Choosing the Right Strategy

Understanding the key differences between survey rewards and survey incentives is essential for designing effective survey participation strategies. Here are some tips to help you decide which approach to use, with specific examples for budget considerations:

Audience Analysis:

    • Rewards: Best for audiences who value guaranteed compensation.
    • Incentives: Ideal for audiences motivated by the chance of winning something significant.

    Survey Goals:

      • Rewards: Use for surveys where you want to ensure a high completion rate and foster loyalty.
      • Incentives: Use for surveys aiming to attract a large number of initial responses or to create buzz.

      Budget Considerations:

        • Rewards: Allocate a budget for guaranteed rewards to ensure every participant receives compensation. For example, offering a $5 gift card to each respondent. If you expect 100 participants, your total budget would be $500.
        • Incentives: May require a smaller upfront budget but can still drive high participation rates due to the perceived value of the prize. For example, offering a single $500 gift card as a sweepstakes prize might attract even more participants with a smaller initial outlay.

        Survey Length and Complexity:

          • Rewards: Effective for longer or more complex surveys as participants feel assured of a guaranteed payoff.
          • Incentives: Suitable for shorter surveys where the chance of winning can be a strong motivator.

          appyReward Campaign Types

          When it comes to implementing effective survey participation strategies, appyReward offers two main types of campaigns: Reward Everyone’s Campaign and Sweepstakes. Each type caters to different goals and audience preferences, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness in engaging survey respondents.

          Reward Everyone’s Campaign

          The Reward Everyone’s Campaign guarantees that every survey participant receives a reward. This approach is perfect for surveys where you want to show appreciation to all respondents and ensure high completion rates.


          • Guaranteed Compensation: Every participant knows they will receive a reward, which increases the likelihood of survey completion.
          • Foster Loyalty: Providing consistent rewards helps build a positive relationship with respondents, encouraging future participation.
          • Simplicity: Easy to manage and straightforward for respondents to understand.

          Offer a $5 gift card to every participant who completes the survey. If you expect 100 participants, your total budget would be $500.

          The Sweepstakes Campaign

          The Sweepstakes campaign offers participants a chance to win a significant prize, creating excitement and driving higher participation rates. This method is cost-effective and generates buzz around your survey.


          • High Engagement: The allure of winning a big prize motivates more people to take the survey.
          • Cost-Effective: With a single large prize, you can attract many participants without the need for a large budget.
          • Flexibility: Great for shorter surveys or when launching new survey initiatives.

          Offer a chance to win a $500 gift card in a sweepstakes. This approach can attract a large number of participants with a relatively small investment compared to rewarding everyone.

          Wrapping It Up: Ready to Boost Your Surveys?

          Both survey rewards and survey incentives have their unique advantages and can significantly enhance your survey participation strategies. By understanding their differences and implementing them effectively, you can increase respondent engagement, achieve higher response rates, and gather valuable insights for your business.

          Implementing these strategies with tools like appyReward can streamline the process, allowing you to easily manage and automate rewards and incentives delivery, track progress, and generate detailed reports. This ensures a seamless experience for both you and your survey respondents, leading to more successful and insightful survey campaigns. Whether you choose to reward everyone or create a thrilling sweepstakes, appyReward helps you achieve your survey goals efficiently and effectively.