Conducting surveys is an essential part of market research, but getting people to respond to them can be a challenge. One effective way to increase response rates is by offering incentives to survey participants. Incentives can range from monetary rewards to non-monetary rewards, such as access to exclusive content or discounts. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using incentives and provide examples of effective incentives to use.

Why Use Incentives?

Incentives provide a tangible benefit to survey participants, which can increase the likelihood of them taking the time to complete the survey. Research has shown that offering incentives can increase response rates by as much as 20-30%. Incentives also help to increase the quality of responses, as participants are more likely to take the time to provide thoughtful and detailed answers when they feel their effort is being rewarded.

What Incentives Should You Use?

The type of incentive you choose will depend on your target audience and the goals of your survey. Here are some examples of effective incentives:

  1. Cash or Gift Cards: Cash or gift cards are a popular choice for incentives, as they offer a tangible reward that participants can use as they please. Amazon gift cards or virtual visa cards are especially popular because they can be easily delivered and redeemed.

  2. Discounts or Coupons: If you are conducting a survey for a business, offering participants a discount or coupon for your products or services can be an effective incentive. This not only encourages survey participation, but also promotes your business.

  3. Exclusive Content: Providing participants with access to exclusive content, such as a white paper or e-book, can be a great incentive for surveys that require more time and effort.

  4. Sweepstakes or Contests: Sweepstakes or contests can be a fun and engaging way to incentivize participants. Offering a chance to win a prize can motivate participants to complete the survey and can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

appyReward… The Automated and Secure Solution for Reward Delivery!

A rewards-based program that can be integrated with popular survey platforms such as SurveyMonkeyTypeformGoogle Forms, and Jotform. appyReward allows for the implementation of incentives to increase survey response rates and offers a secure and automated system for reward delivery.

Florence Paladino, Market Research Manager at Lizeo Group, stated that appyReward has been a game-changer for their surveys.

“The app is very simple to set up, and rewards campaigns are easy to create and link to your existing surveys. The system is well secured to control and limit redemption to single email or IP addresses, and fully automated, and unbiased sweepstakes can also be created. In fact, everything is automated, and it saves you all the tedious work and waste of time.”

Using incentives is an effective way to increase survey response rates and improve the quality of data collected. By offering the right incentives, you can attract the right respondents and motivate them to take your survey. With appyReward, implementing incentives on your surveys is easy and secure, and you can choose from a variety of incentive options such as prepaid cards, virtual gift cards, and more.

When you send out your next survey, don’t forget to consider using incentives to increase your response rates and gain the insights necessary to make informed decisions. If you’re interested in seeing how appyReward can help you implement incentives on your surveys, don’t hesitate to request a demo.


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