Prepaid Virtual Mastercard: The Key to Boosting Your Survey Response Rates

Are you searching for an effective method to increase your survey response rates? Offering Prepaid Virtual Mastercards or other digital rewards could be the perfect solution.

With the high volume of marketing surveys that consumers encounter, it can be tough for your business to stand out and encourage participation. There are many proven techniques you can use in your survey invitation emails, but providing an incentive can be the most impactful way to improve response rates.

Studies indicate that response rates can rise by up to 15% when an appropriate reward is offered for survey completion. The ideal reward may vary based on your target audience and the type of survey. A Prepaid Virtual Mastercard, which is widely accepted and offers flexibility for recipients, is typically a reliable choice.

Depending on your survey program, there are several ways to leverage Prepaid Virtual Mastercards and other digital rewards to boost participation.

What is a Prepaid Virtual Mastercard?

A Prepaid Virtual Mastercard is a digital version of a traditional prepaid Mastercard. It can be used for online purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Unlike physical gift cards, virtual cards are delivered instantly via email, making them an ideal choice for rewarding survey participants quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using Prepaid Virtual Mastercards for Surveys

Instant Delivery and Redemption

One of the biggest advantages of Prepaid Virtual Mastercards is the instant delivery. Survey participants receive their rewards immediately upon completion of the survey. This immediate gratification can significantly increase the willingness of participants to complete your survey.

Global Acceptance

Prepaid Virtual Mastercards can be used worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted. This makes them an excellent choice for surveys targeting a global audience. Participants can use their rewards for online shopping, paying bills, or even booking travel.


Offering Prepaid Virtual Mastercards can be more cost-effective than traditional rewards. They eliminate the need for physical production, shipping, and handling, reducing overall costs. This allows you to allocate more of your budget to other important aspects of your survey campaign.

Improved Response Rates

Attractive incentives like Prepaid Virtual Mastercards can significantly boost survey response rates. Participants are more likely to take the time to complete your survey if they know they will receive a valuable reward. This can lead to higher engagement and better data quality.

Enhancing Survey Engagement with appyReward’s Digital Rewards Integration

Integrating a digital rewards platform like appyReward into your survey strategy can further amplify the effectiveness of Prepaid Virtual Mastercards. appyReward specializes in seamlessly integrating with popular form and survey platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Jotform, Typeform, and more, offering a streamlined solution to reward participants instantly with digital gift cards like Tango Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Prepaid Virtual Mastercard and Visa, and more.

This integration not only enhances the participant experience but also simplifies the management of rewards distribution across different demographics and geographies. By leveraging appyReward, you can ensure that your survey incentives are delivered promptly and efficiently, thereby maximizing response rates and improving overall survey engagement.