Digital Reward and Incentive Options for SurveyMonkey Participants

As the top choice for digital rewards and incentives on SurveyMonkey, appyReward excels in providing a diverse range of engaging and motivating reward options for survey participants. appyReward’s seamless integration with SurveyMonkey ensures that every survey can be paired with the perfect incentive, whether it’s digital gift cards or personalized rewards. Let’s dive into the different types of reward campaigns and digital rewards offered by appyReward and see how they can significantly enhance your survey engagement.

Direct Rewards

Direct Rewards are individual incentives given to each qualified participant upon survey completion. These rewards can include digital gift cards from a wide range of popular brands. Direct Rewards are ideal for straightforward surveys where each participant’s contribution is valued equally, ensuring immediate gratification and boosting response rates.

appyReward provides two main types of reward links:

  • Unique Gift Links: These are personalized links assigned to individual participants. Each participant receives a unique link after completing the survey that leads to their specific reward, ensuring a personalized and exclusive experience.
  • Universal Gift Links: A single link that can be used by multiple participants. This option is perfect for anonymous surveys where individual tracking is not required but you still want to offer an incentive.

    How to manage anonymous surveys with appyReward?


For those looking to add an element of excitement and anticipation to their surveys, Sweepstakes are an excellent option. Participants are entered into a draw that takes place on a specific date. This method not only incentivizes participation but also encourages engagement as participants eagerly await the draw results.

Instant Win Games

Instant Win Games bring a gamified experience to survey completion. Participants have the chance to win rewards instantly upon completing the survey. This element of surprise and immediate reward can significantly increase participant engagement and enjoyment, making the survey experience more interactive and fun.

Digital Reward Catalog

appyReward’s Digital Reward Catalog is a comprehensive selection of digital rewards available worldwide, including top brands, digital prepaid cards, and Tango Reward Links. This wide range of options ensures that you can offer incentives that resonate with your participants, regardless of their location.

Top Brands

appyReward features digital gift cards from some of the most popular and widely recognized brands, such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. These well-known brands are appealing to a broad audience, making them effective incentives for survey participation.

Digital Prepaid Cards

appyReward offers digital prepaid cards from Visa and MasterCard. These cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard, providing participants with the freedom to choose their own rewards.

Tango Reward Link

The Tango Reward Link is a specialized option that allows you to offer a variety of gift cards through a single, flexible reward link. Participants can choose their preferred gift card from a curated selection, enhancing the appeal and value of the incentive.

Personal Gifts

In addition to the standard reward options, appyReward allows you to insert your own gifts into the catalog. This feature gives you the freedom to offer unique, custom rewards that reflect your brand’s personality and values. Personal Gifts can be an effective way to stand out and provide a memorable incentive experience.

Digital Reward and Incentive Options for SurveyMonkey Participants

The diversity of reward campaigns offered by appyReward enables you to choose the most appropriate incentive for your target audience and survey goals. Whether you aim to reward every participant, create a game-like experience with instant wins, or offer a chance to win through sweepstakes, appyReward provides multiple options to engage your survey participants effectively.

By leveraging appyReward’s comprehensive reward options, you can enhance survey participation, boost response rates, and ensure a positive experience for your audience. As data collection continues to evolve, the ability to offer compelling incentives will remain a key factor in achieving successful survey outcomes.

Explore appyReward today and transform your SurveyMonkey surveys with engaging and motivating rewards.