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The shift to remote work has led to a rise in virtual meetings, events, and webinars. However, keeping participants engaged and interested in the event can be challenging. One way to create excitement and encourage participation is by using sweepstakes. In this blog post, we will explore how sweepstakes can help animate Zoom meetings, events, and webinars and the benefits for both hosts and participants.

Creating a Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are a great way to add an element of fun and excitement to virtual meetings and webinars. The first step is to decide on a prize that will motivate participants to enter the sweepstakes. This could be anything from a gift card to a product or service related to your business. Once you have chosen the prize, you can use a sweepstakes platform like AppyReward to set up the rules and regulations for the sweepstakes, such as how to enter and how the winner will be selected. Finally, promote the sweepstakes to your audience through email, social media, and your website.

Benefits for Hosts

Using sweepstakes in virtual meetings and webinars has many benefits for hosts. First, it can increase attendance and engagement during the event. Participants are more likely to attend and participate in the event if there is a chance to win a prize. Second, it can help hosts collect valuable data and feedback from participants, which can help improve future events.

Benefits for Participants

Sweepstakes also benefit participants in virtual meetings and webinars. First, it creates excitement and anticipation for the event. Participants will be more interested in attending and participating in the event if there is a chance to win a prize. Second, it can be a fun and engaging way to interact with the host and other participants. By participating in the sweepstakes, participants can feel more connected to the event and the host.

AppyReward – The Ideal Sweepstakes Platform

When it comes to creating sweepstakes, using the right platform can make all the difference. AppyReward is a user-friendly and customizable sweepstakes platform that is perfect for virtual meetings and webinars. It is easy to set up and allows hosts to customize the sweepstakes to their specific needs. Additionally, it provides a seamless integration with popular virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Webex.


Sweepstakes are an effective way to boost engagement and participation in virtual meetings and webinars. By using a sweepstakes platform like AppyReward, hosts can create a fun and engaging experience for participants while also collecting valuable data and feedback. Participants, in turn, benefit from a more interactive and exciting event, as well as the chance to win a prize. If you are hosting a virtual meeting or webinar, consider using sweepstakes to animate your event and see the benefits for yourself.

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