appyReward Revolutionizes Rewards Integration with Seamless App Integrations, Zapier Compatibility, and Expanded Reward Options

New York, June 12, 2023 – appyReward, a leader in innovative rewards solutions, is proud to announce its latest achievement in streamlining rewards programs through seamless integrations with popular platforms such as Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and Zoom Meetings. Furthermore, appyReward is excited to unveil its new integration with Zapier, offering users the ability to connect appyReward with over 5,000 additional applications.

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding their employees, customers, and partners for their contributions and loyalty. However, managing rewards programs across multiple platforms and systems has traditionally been a complex and time-consuming task. appyReward recognized this challenge and set out to simplify the rewards experience through enhanced integrations.

With the seamless integration of appyReward with platforms like Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and Zoom Meetings, businesses can effortlessly incorporate rewards and recognition into their existing workflows. Whether it’s conducting surveys, collecting customer feedback, or hosting virtual meetings, appyReward seamlessly integrates with these popular platforms, making it easy for organizations to incentivize participation and drive engagement.

But the integration journey doesn’t stop there. appyReward is thrilled to announce its compatibility with Zapier, a widely acclaimed automation tool that connects different applications and workflows. With this integration, appyReward users gain access to an extensive ecosystem of more than 5,000 applications, enabling them to effortlessly connect and automate rewards processes with their preferred tools and platforms.

Through appyReward, businesses can not only create giveaway campaigns but also launch exciting Sweepstakes, providing a wide range of reward options to engage their audience. These reward options are designed to boost participation, create excitement, and drive desired behaviors.

Furthermore, appyReward offers a global catalog of digital gift cards, providing recipients with a wide selection of popular brands and retailers. This allows organizations to offer meaningful and personalized rewards that cater to the unique preferences of their recipients. Additionally, appyReward goes beyond standard gift cards by offering the ability to customize products (swag), print, and deliver on-demand. This feature enables businesses to create branded merchandise and deliver it directly to recipients, enhancing the overall reward experience.

In addition to the extensive catalog of rewards, appyReward allows users to upload their own gifts to the platform. Whether it’s vouchers, coupons, or unique promotional offers, businesses can seamlessly incorporate their existing rewards into the appyReward system. This flexibility ensures that organizations can leverage their own resources and offerings while still benefiting from the streamlined rewards management provided by appyReward.

“Our mission at appyReward is to make rewards and recognition a seamless and impactful part of our customers’ everyday operations,” said Michel de AMORIM, COO at appyReward. “By expanding our integrations, offering compatibility with Zapier, and providing a diverse range of reward options, we are empowering businesses to effortlessly manage, personalize, and deliver rewards that inspire and motivate their audience.”

appyReward continues to innovate and expand its offerings to meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. With seamless integrations, compatibility with Zapier, and an array of reward options, appyReward is at the forefront of revolutionizing the rewards and recognition landscape, empowering organizations to foster a culture of appreciation and drive exceptional performance.

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About Zapier

Zapier is a widely acclaimed automation tool that connects different applications and workflows. With its extensive ecosystem of over 5,000 applications, Zapier empowers businesses to streamline processes, automate tasks, and enhance productivity. By integrating appyReward with Zapier, users gain the ability to connect appyReward with their preferred tools and platforms, allowing for seamless automation and data synchronization. This compatibility expands the possibilities of appyReward, enabling businesses to optimize their rewards programs with unprecedented efficiency and flexibility.

About appyReward

appyReward is a leading provider of innovative rewards and recognition solutions that help businesses motivate, engage, and retain their employees, customers, and partners. With a commitment to simplicity, scalability, and seamless integrations, appyReward empowers organizations to create meaningful and personalized reward experiences that drive exceptional results. Whether it’s digital gift cards, customized swag, or uploading their own gifts, appyReward offers a comprehensive platform for rewarding success. For more information, visit